Fans Want 3 Member Red Velvet’s Debut Solo Singing, Agree?

K-Pop music industry lately they are enlivened with many solo debut. Not only soloist, but also members of the group like girl group miss A’s Suzy to Seohyun of Girls’ Generation are ready to follow their counterparts others.

It turned out to trigger a lot of fans who began to expect their idol can sing solo debut. For example, by posting an online community of fans who discuss the solo debut Red Velvet members like Wendy and Seulgi.

Fans assess, vocal ability and Wendy Seulgi already qualified in if it is present as a soloist. Besides the two, Joy also mentioned will make a more complete vocal line even if the three members of the Red Velvet forming subunit.

Unfortunately, the desire did not necessarily get approval from the fans or another netter. According to them, the Red Velvet is still relatively new group whose name has not been too big to have to be made solo music project.

“I’m sure BC will make it happen if Red Velvet has been really great. They’re still new at this time,” said a netizen. “Too soon anyway if solo. But I guess the nice too if Seulgi begin with,” said another netter. “Tae Yeon just waited eight years for a solo debut,” added others.

Do you agree? In the meantime, Red Velvet itself is still resting after completing sale last album “Russian Roulette” which was released in October 2016 ago. However, the news had circulated that say they will soon comeback in the near future.


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